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          What’s Fatigue Driving
           Definition:      Fatigue driving is the driver, after prolonged periods of continuous driving, experiences mental and physical functional disorder. If the driver does not have a good sleep at the night, even a short period of driving can still cause fatigue driving. Driving Fatigue will affect the driver's attention, feeling, perception, thinking, judging, decision making and other aspects. Driving fatigue is not a morbid state, but a physiological self-protective response. The physical strength and capabilities could be fully restored after a proper rest. Excessive fatigue driving are the result of lack of rest compensation and may suddenly show up in some morbid. It will probably lead to an accident. Fatigue driving cannot be ignored according to the nature of fatigue, Fatigue can be divided into two Catalogues, one is physical fatigue, and the other is mental fatigue

          Physical fatigue:
               It is caused by continuous activity or short intense activities. The stimulus response generates more lactic acid than the carrying capacity of muscles
          Mental fatigue:
               It is caused by long-term concentration on monotony and continuous driving.

               Physical fatigue and mental fatigue do not necessarily occur at the same time when driving. Sometimes the body does not feel tired; however, the continuously driving makes the drivers feel mental fatigue. On the contrary, sometimes after a long driving, though the body is very tired, but still remains intensive due to the changing driving environment. As a result, the driver can also keep driving. These two fatigues not only have some differences, but also have certain linkages and mutual restraint. If the driver is in physical fatigue, due to some sort of motivation or efforts simulation, the driver can also continue to drive for some time, but never likely to remain too long. Otherwise, exceed fatigue not only will be harmless for both of the driver's physical and mental health, but also easily lead to traffic accidents which can be avoid. Thus, following the physiological and psychological laws of driving is a must and should not be ignored.

          Driving fatigue prevention:
          1.To guarantee the necessary sleep time and sleep better results. According to physiological rule, 7 ~ 8h of sleep per day is essential for human beings. 
          2.Stay altered and enhances safety awareness
          Enhance fatigue self-regulation and control, enhance safety awareness and foster interest of driving. Through the psychological adjustment and control, some of the mental fatigue can be overcome.

          3.Develop a reasonable diet, increase physical fitness
          Driving fatigue improvement method: rest, nap, thermal stimulation, taste stimulation, movement stimulation, sound stimulation, the brain oxygenation
          Special notices: The above methods can only temporarily improve the level of driver fatigue; repeated use will increase driver fatigue, the consequences even more severe and serious. Sleep is the most reliable and effective method for the driver to prevent fatigue and recover to sober state.  
          4. Installation of driving fatigue early warning system is an effective anti-fatigue driving solution, It is very effective for drivers who do not feel fatigue driving or ignore it because they experience it very often. It will improve safety greatly with the help of an early warning system.  

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