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           ●    Non-authorized maintenance personnel, please do not make any disassembly or alteration
          ●    Please do not operate the system when driving to ensure road safety
          ●    Please handle carefully, do not drop. Or impact with hard objectives
          ●    Do not use chemicals or cleaning agents to clean the machine, it will damage the machine surfaces or rust the paint.
          ●    Note of waterproof, moisture-proof, otherwise, may result in failure of this product
          ●    Do not rip, bend or heavy extruded power cord, so as to avoid heating fires
          ●    Gogo850 does not recognize a kind of group people who have only one eye, white eyebrows, or rough scars or wrinkles around eyebrows.
          ●    We might not notice any performance or functional change may happen in the near future.

          Extra attention
          ◆   The in-car temperature is very high, when the vehicle is under sunshine for sometime during summer. If you start car, the system will be dormant at a high temperature and will be launched when the temperature drops down. If you have installed it on the dash board, we suggest driver to turn the air condition mode to Defrosting, and the system will turn to the normal working state more quickly.
          ◆   When temperatures is below minus 10 degrees in winter, the system will be launched when the in-car temperatures increases.
          ◆   Nanjing Fardriver technology special legal statement: early warning system is only a warning product, and dose not absolutely guarantee for your driving safety. Please be advised that gogo850 is not responsible for any driving accident.

          Copyright 2009 Nanjing fardriver Technology Co., Ltd

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