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           ●    The system works around all day. It works in both the dark nights and day lights. The system can always make a correct analysis of the driver’s fatigue state.
          ●    Excellent detection ability for glasses. Drive can wear regular glasses or sunglasses, the system can always make a correct analysis of the driver’s fatigue state.
          ●    The advanced face recognition technology system will identify any human race. It works with all types of skin colors. Yellow, white or black all can be easily identified. With a PERCLOS (measurement tool) as a fatigue indicator, Gogo850 will make a warning prior dangerous driving occurs that caused by fatigue.
          ●    The patented mesh membrane pupil detection technology will make sure that every fatigue driving can be detected and reported immediately even the driver still opens eye during driving.
          ●    In addition to detect the driver’s fatigue driving and make a early warning, Gogo850 can also make some warning to avoid accident caused by careless driving under the following circumstances: The driver does not focus on driving and talk to back passenger, the driver bows head and gazes around or spends considerable amount of time of operating audio and navigation systems.
          ●    With a Smart high-speed recognition system, Gogo850 can distinguish either the driver is driving in downtown or in highway and will adjust the alarm sensitivity level automatically.
          ●     Gogo850 size is small and compact. It hardly influences the driver’s view of sight. It can easily be installed either in the instrument panel or on dash board.
          ●    Automatic control for sensitivity level. If the driver remains still or only bows head for quite a while, the system will raise the alarm sensitivity level automatically. On the other hand, if the driver checks the rear-view or side mirror or looks for the road signs, the alarm sensitivity level will be dropped automatically. Both ways reduce the false alarm very effectively.
          ●    Very low power consumption. In the 12V car battery cases, the average electric current is less than 100mA, while for the 24V car battery, the average electric current is about 60mA, which is about the same level comparing to battery’s self-leakage. Therefore there is almost no power consumption in this case.
          ●    Car USB power supply can operate from 8V to 30V wide voltage range, which is suitable for both 12V and 24V car batteries, and also has a good peak-voltage protection solution.
          How to adjust the sensitivity level:
                Gogo850 has high, medium and low sensitivity levels. It can be set up without physical contact with the device.   
                Sitting before the device with a normal distance of 600mm ~ 900mm, when the device detects human eyes open, the green light will be on, blocking the lens with the palm (palm should be away from the lens with the   distance of about 1cm), you will hear beeps after 3 seconds. The number of beeps indicates the level of sensitivity. One beep means low sensitivity, two beeps mean medium and three beeps mean high sensitivity. If the palm blocks the lens completely, you will hear the beeps every 3 seconds constantly. Removing the hand from the lens after you hear the number of beeps for your intended level, the setup is finished. 

          Copyright 2009 Nanjing fardriver Technology Co., Ltd

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