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          About Us

                   Nanjing Fardriver Technology Co., Ltd. located in the drive the scenic area of Nanjing Yuhuatai software Avenue, is a set of key support in Nanjing embedded software development and hardware integration of high-tech enterprise. The company formerly known as China's MCU Public Labs R & D Center in Nanjing, focusing on automotive safety electronics product research, has developed driver fatigue warning systems and brought up for commercial use in June 2009.

                 Nanjing Fardriver Technology Co., Ltd., was established in 2008,with the existing R & D personnel 20 people, most of which have long been engaged in automotive electronics product development and a wealth of DSP image processing experience. Since its inception, the development of electric vehicle controller, golf cart controller, exported to Europe and the United States market, with annual shipments of 50 million units, the company's strategic product driver fatigue warning system has been in Nanjing as a key support product, and by Shanghai Volkswagen, Chery Automobile Automotive safety technologies selected cooperation partners. 
               The company also has an electronics factory, where production and management of more than 100 employees, there are two high-standard SMT production lines, the company products are all passed 3C, UL and FCC argues that all lead-free design and manufacture of products in line with Europe the United States environmental protection requirements.

          Copyright 2009 Nanjing fardriver Technology Co., Ltd

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